What to Look for in a Winning Slot Machine

looking in slots - What to Look for in a Winning Slot Machine

Are you one of those players who look at casino slot machines thinking that they’re all alike? Well, that’s understandable since they really do look alike except for a branded slot machine.

You see coin slots, flashing lights, the handle, and you’ll think that it’s as good as the other one. However, this is a very depreciating assumption. There is lots of information you’re missing just by having that kind of mindset.

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That’s why today, we’ll talk about the things that you’re probably missing out. Here are some of the things you never thought were different from one slot machine to another and how you can determine the best winning slot machine.


Some slot machines have multipliers where the number of coins played is multiplied by it. So for example, if you only play one coin, you will get 5 coins from the slot machine for three lemons. It will then pay 10 for the two coins, 15 for the three coins, and so on. Thus, this machine is the best for you if you’re planning on playing only one coin at a time.

Bonus for Multiplier

Just like the multiplier, we have mentioned, but this time, the bonus is the one getting multiplied instead of the normal payout. This happens when you hit a jackpot or other bonuses and scatters. For instance, three 7’s may pay for 1,000 with one coin, 2,000 for two coins, 3,000 for three coins, and maximum coins equal to 10,000. However, you might have problems making the decision of whether the bonus will be worth playing the extra coin.

coin slots - What to Look for in a Winning Slot Machine

Multiple Paylines

There are actually many machines that have more than one line to play. These machines allow for higher chances of winning for players. The way it works is each coin can activate a specific line. You specify which line you activate and you hit a winner on that line, you win. However, if you hit a winner on a line that is not activated, you win nothing.

Maximum Coins

This is perhaps the most controversial misconception when it comes to slot machines in casinos. It is already known that each coin activates a different payout. However, you should also know that you need the maximum coins in order to receive the largest jackpot. You can’t get the jackpot with only one coin or two coins. The maximum coins are the only option you have.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are the type of machine that takes a certain percentage of the money you played and add it to the accumulated amount in the top jackpot. Unless you don’t want to lose money and miss your chance of getting all the money accumulated in the jackpot, then play maximum coins.

progressive slots - What to Look for in a Winning Slot Machine

There are the five factors that you should be looking for in a winning slot machine. With these five features, you will no longer have to spend money and lose it on the spot. Instead, you can have a higher chance of winning.

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