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We operate on an international scale and so we make it a point to deliver all the latest news and tips for our large huge-scale audience. We reach lots of unique visitors but we still need to make it so they will find our content valuable. As such, we need to keep delivering high-quality content and this is taking a toll in our backlog.

We regularly publish new content thanks to our expertise and unique insight in slot games. However, we still need some help if we’re going to keep doing this with our growing audience. Therefore, we are on the lookout for people who can write and have a diverse background and experience in slot games.

While we want to hear from you as soon as possible, we want you to submit some information first. We require a resume, writing samples and area of expertise before we can discuss the position.

We will also need to know more about what you can write so we can get a better idea of what topics will best suit your writing. Also, it would be better if you can provide as many writing samples as possible to help with the process.

If you can submit this information to us, you also need to make sure that you can adhere to our rules about article writing, that you will get to know as soon as you reach out to us.

You might be wondering why to go through this process. Here at NFS Italia, we aim to provide high-quality content to our readers always. These include tips, news, or even reviews about slot games. As we make sure to build strong relationships with investors and experts in this industry, we also want to build a stable relationship with you.

We at NFS Italia do not settle for half-baked content and so we need you to do the same. We are willing to make adjustments to your topic submissions and we can improve it further, too. Our team of researchers can make this possible and also with the help of our writers with expertise in the industry. Also, our preferred topics include list of Slot Games, Slot Game Reviews, News Involving Slot Games, Online Slot Games, etc.

If you are willing to work together, we will be glad to consider the options so we can start planning and collaborating together. Thank you for your interest in writing for NFS Italia!