How Slot Machine Works in Need for Speed Payback

rng slots - How Slot Machine Works in Need for Speed Payback

Introduction to RNG Slot Machines

As you might already know, the Need for Speed franchise added a new feature on their game, Need for Speed Payback, which has the same mechanics as a slot machine. Unfortunately, it has not fared well to the criticisms of the community.

The feature was called RNG Slot Machines and they’ve been promoting it as a feature that offers players better parts with perks for their cars.

rng mech - How Slot Machine Works in Need for Speed Payback

Their main goal is to help players progress further in the game. However, the result wasn’t exactly what the developers were expecting.

Need for Speed Payback Progression

First up, let’s talk about the progression in Need for Speed Payback (NFS Payback). The progression is primarily focused on the level of your cars.

Whenever you equip better parts for the car, the level will increase. The NFS Payback developers believe that this game design is really easy to familiarize yourself with.

There are various ways to get awarded with better parts for your car. The most common way is by winning an event. Win an event and you’ll be given a part for your car. There’s also the option of winning NFS Payback Speedlists. You’ll win parts by just taking part in multiplayer.

The most obvious option so far is by going to the Tune-up shop where you can just choose and not get random parts. You will, however, need to spend in-game currency, which is what we call the bank in NFS Payback.

The Tune-up shop will refresh for every time the timer restarts and thus, you can buy other parts you’ve never seen there before.

However, after all that, the NFS Payback developers made it a bit more complicated with the addition of the RNG Slot Machines.

RNG Slot Machines

First, you might be better off knowing what an RNG slot machine is. First of all, RNG stands for Random Number Generator while the slot machine bit is already self-explanatory.

Now, the slot machine added in NFS Payback helps players by randomly giving their parts, which is what the random number generator is for. The slot machine is designed to look like a roll screen, which you’ll find parts with perks attached to them.

As a comparison, you may think of RPG games where you can be rewarded items with buffs given to them at random.

To roll this slot machine, you will need to spend roll tokens where you can acquire through recycling old parts. When you have a high-level of cars, you just have to recycle your old parts to further enhance your current car.

rng machines - How Slot Machine Works in Need for Speed Payback

It’s the end of the road, so to speak. You need to remove unnecessary parts in order to further advance in the game. Since the game was based on Vegas, the design was based on the theme like the city casinos.

Hopefully, this article gave you some insights for what the new feature in NFS Payback is all about. This can also help you with your gaming experience with the Need for Speed franchise.

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